Saturday, 11 October 2014

Preview of Gudiya's story

Hola my dear readers . I hope you guys are doing good. First of all I am sorry for not writing a regular blogs. Actually from last few days i am suffering from chronic headaches. But from tomorrow's onward i will start posting again . This time i will come with Gudiya's story. I hope you guys have gone through Sarita's life story. If not, then you can check my blogs for that. Gudiya is Sarita's daughter. I will tell you guys that after Sarita's ( Mother)  death how Gudiya ( Daughter) is living her life and other so many things. If you have any questions or doubts in your mind regarding Sarita's real life story , you can mail me or comment under the blog those questions and your views too.
           Right now i am watching tv side by side. It was a very special and hectic day today. In India, today we celebrated Karwachauth fast. It is very popular in north India specially. I am from North India . From my school days i always put mehndi ( henna ) on my hands on this day and also wears bangles. Karwachauth is a fast without having and food or water. Hindu Married ladies and engaged girls keep it for their husbands and beloveds. They keep it for the well being of their husbands .They break their fast after seeing the moon . Women wear new clothes on this day and apply henna on their hands. It is a kind of romantic festival too. Unmarried / teen girls aslo keep this fast.So many stories are related with this fast. There is story of Queen Veeravati, story from Mahabharta , Story of karva , Story of Satyavan and Savitri. You can easily Google these different stories.
Well guys that is it for today .. I am superrrrrr tired today ..Its 11.25 pm here.. Tomorrow i will come with new storyline. Till then take care and keep smiling guys. 

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Little talk about Sarita

Hello guys :) After so many days i am back and i am back with little talk about Sarita. I know that i ended the story in last chapter but i want to write more about Sarita . I cannot name it as a epilogue so it is a little talk. New readers can check out the full story in previous posts ( chapter 1 to 8 ) .
                                          Gudiya always remembers her mother .. In India now a days festival season is going on ... Sarita's used to love all festivals. As i have already told you that she was very spiritual and religious minded lady. Janamasthami ( lord krishna's birthday)  was her favorite festival. She loved to go to Mathura and vrindavan ( lord krishna's birthplace ) . She wanted to go to abroad too but she did not make it . She wanted to meet her elder son who was living in abroad from last 11 years .Till her last breath she was so hopeful that she will survive ..she will be alright . Seriously i SALUTE that lady for her positiveness . God bless her in heaven . Sarita used to sing a songs and bhajans ( devotional songs ). She also wrote so many devotional songs in her diaries .Despite of her Inlaws bad behavior she never hated them. She was in hope that one day they will love her but she did not know that some douchebags can never become a gucci bags . I know bad comparison but still ..After hearing and reading all this ( full story ) i am sure that one would want to kill those douche bags . Well those guys are paying now ..As we all know about KARMA'S circle. She was a wonderful Lady . I hope in her next birth she will get the best and good. But seriously i just want her to live with almighty God, I don't want her to come in this cruel world again..

From Gudiya to her Mother Sarita ...I read this poem somewhere and it is so  beautiful and apt .

"If Roses grow in Heaven"

If Roses grow in Heaven
Lord, please pick a bunch for me.
Place them in my Mother's arms
and tell her they're from me.

Tell her that I love her and miss her,
and when she turns to smile,
place a kiss upon her cheek
and hold her for awhile.

Because remembering her is easy,
I do it every day,
but there's an ache within my heart
that will never go away.

Friday, 26 September 2014

35 years of sorrows and suffering ( chapter - 8 )

After two days of Gudiya's birthday, Sarita lost her voice . Her lungs were choked by the infection . Doctors left everything on God. On 7 jan 2010 Gudiya and brother were sitting beside their Mom. She was breathing very heavily and by gestures she was telling them to go and sleep. She holds gudiya's hand and told her to go away. Sarita was staring at lord krishna's photo. Gudiya kept on praying and crying and even that tough hours sarita's mother in law and husband were asleep. Gudiya ran to wake them up and called doctor. Suddenly Sarita closed her eyes and gudiya shouted like anything..all of a sudden a lot of blood started coming out ..all family members tried to take away Gudiya but she did not leave her hand. Finally she closed her eyes forever and was gone to some better world. It was the kind of end of everything for Gudiya. She was not ready to leave her hand. She tightly hugged her mother's body and cried like a hell. Her brother separated her from her mother's body and held Gudiya tightly. One can not even explain that moment ... Gudiya was totally broken. Her grandmother started shedding fake tears. It was 4 am. 
                                                              In morning people (relative) started coming and faking their emotions. Those were the relatives who never came to meet Sarita or never helped her in crucial time and always discouraged her. Gudiya was numb and sitting like a stone..... from that day to till now there are so many feelings are words in Gudiya's mind which are unspoken. Still she is carrying  all those memories in her heart and mind . Her approach towards life is totally changed now. After her Mother's death she completed her master's degree and joined a job. But as we all know that no one can take the place of mother in this whole world. She remembers her everyday ..

"No matter what anybody says about grief and about time healing all wounds, the truth is, there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken " 

Soon i will come up with Gudiya's further life story. And i will write a novel on Sarita's life too . Because i cannot write each and every details here. There are other characters and little incidents too which i will add up in novel. 

Thank you my dear Readers for reading this journey. If you want to ask anything related to this real story , you can mail me. Email link is given on side of the blog. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

35 years of sorrows and suffering ( chapter - 7 )

In Nov 2009 , Sarita got bedridden , her digestive system stopped working . She was unable to eat anything. She was on drip. Because of not having anything she was unable to move anywhere. She was all dependent on Gudiya and she felt really bad for this. She told gudiya that she felt very bad that she needs someone to move and even make her sit. But Sarita was brave enough and never got upset by her illness. All in her mind was that she will be fine soon. Because of chemotherapies she lost her hairs. But she never hesitated to accept it. Gudiya could understand this thing that how her mother was feeling about her hair loss and about her health.  Her relatives and other people started discouraging that now there were no chances of her survival. Gudiya decided that from now onwards no one will meet her mother because she could not see her mother being discouraged. For 2 and half months sarita was on drip without having food or anything, she was unable to go to loo even because without eating anything one cannot be able to do .
                                                                    In December Gudiya had her exams and she decided to skip them and stay back at home only. She used to talk about a lot things with her mother to make her smile and to make her positive. She used to say that you will be fine Maa ( mom ).. i will take you with me after my marriage and we shall live happily husband and i will take care of have to play with my kids too. 
By the end of december the condition worsened , Sarita started to vomit blood. Gudiya was scared like hell because she knew that it is only her who means for her. Other family members were not too shook with her being ill and accepted that it was her time to go. Sarita's condition  was very critical. From last three months she did not even slept for a single second because of pain and vomiting all the time and her loving daughter too had spent several sleepless nights taking care of her. Everthing was blue for Gudiya on that day because next day it was her birthday and all she wanted from god was her mom as her birthday gift. She denied to receive any call and wish and just keep on crying and praying to god. Her mother got little stable on her birthday. It was Gudiya's biggest birthday gift ever. Sarita wished her daughter and tears rolled down from their eyes. But there was something else in their destiny ....

Continued ....

I wish all of you Happy Navratri . In India it is started from today. It is festival of Hindu Deity Durga . For these nine days, nine forms of deity Durga are worshiped. God bless you all. And tomorrow i will write the last chapter of this true story. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

35 years of sorrows and suffering ( chapter - 6 )

Reports came and it was Stomach cancer ( andenocracinoma ). and year was june 2008 . It was the most tough moment for gudiya and she was not allowed to tell her about the disease. Sarita was the only soul in her life with whom she can share each and everything, with whom she used to plan everything . A lot of questions were in Sarita's mind too that what happened to her? what about reports etc. Life had lost its meaning for the young Gudiya...she decided to drop her study so that she can take care of her mother but her mother did not allow this. Treatment was started. When they first took Sarita to hospital till that time no one told her about the disease. It was the doctor who talked to her and later on she talked to regarding this. And Sarita was fully positive that she will be alright soon. But one cannot imagine that what was going in her mind. She was a very brave lady . 
                                                             Sarita had gone through 13 chemotherapy and two major operations. And she and also faced so many side effects of these treatments. For Sarita it was not about getting treatment , it was seeing her husband and sons along with her...because concern and care is the thing with which a patient can get some relief. Money is not everything. It cannot own you a peace of mind. It is about a person's feeling....a person who is fighting with a dreadful disease. We cannot even imagine from what kind  of mental situation  and condition the person is going . The same was going in the life of Sarita. All she needed that time was love and care for which she had starved all her married life.
                                                             Gudiya was totally shattered but she never showed to anyone in her family. She used to cry alone and think a lot that why ll this happening with her mother. By the time gudiya got admission in master's programme (2009 ). Being good in studies and getting laurels in everything she did , a confident girl, was just runned by the thoughts of well-being of her mother. She used to go to college and after attending the lectures she immediately came back to take care of her mother. After second major operation of Sarita ..things turned bad. Doctors failed to cure the cancer and it started affecting the whole body of Sarita. All the organs stopped working one by one. There was no way out.  Gudiya wanted to save her mother at any cost but from inside she too realized the truth.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

35 years of sorrows and suffering ( chapter - 5 )

Gudiya had completed her higher secondary education and on her mind all things were about her family, about their ill treatment with her mother in the past. She decided to go abroad for higher studies and then suddenly on her own dropped the idea. No one knows the real reason that actually she did not want to leave her mother alone over here. Her brothers were also doing well. One went to abroad when she was in school and her second brother also started working. Her mother sarita supported and brought her up and this was the time when her mother needed her the most. Her mother told her that its your life and your choice , do whatever you want to do but remember one thing that you should know what is good and what is bad for you. I am always here, to guide you , but i want to see you happy and well educated. I don't want you to be like me. Concentrate on your study.
                                                   As an obedient daughter, devoted herself towards the study only. Mean while her brothers got married. She was the simple and next door girl. She helped her mother to settle down in a new built home by her father against her grandmother and uncles will. Gudiya's father blindly supported her grandmother. Gudiya used to go to college  and after finishing her classes came back to home. She was very good at studies and a merit holder too. She shared everything with her mom. They used to go to market and temples. Sarita was her best friend and the whole world. Gudiya used to do the stupid and silly things to make her mom happy.Every year they used to go to Delhi and some other places too. It was gudiya's mother impact that she also became religious minded or we can say she inclined towards spiritual and religious things. But gudiya always asked her mother that you do so many rituals and other things for god but why god is not punishing the bad people , why god put you in so many troubles. Sarita's trust in god was unshaken. She used to spend 4-5 hours (daily)  in meditation and worshiping God. 
                                                    After completing her graduation she applied for some teaching degree. Time again took a turn  and her mother Sarita was taken ill. Her uterus was removed by the doctor. But it was a wrong decision of the doctor. That doctor operated and said now everything is fine. Sarita was on bed rest for 2 months. She recovered slowly. After few months same problem started again . It was a year of 2008 . At this crucial moment Gudiya and her brother took their mother to some other city for proper check up. Sarita went through so many tests..  Everyone was waiting for the reports.


Monday, 22 September 2014

35 years of sorrows and suffering ( chapter - 4 )

In , 1988 , a bliss in Sarita's life , She was blessed with a baby girl. It was a ray of hope for her. She devoted herself to her baby girl. She wrote a letter to her husband about girl's birth to which he replied that we know that this will happen in Delhi . They were not at all happy with the birth of a girl. Three months later she returned to her husband's place, she and the tiny little tot were not welcomed by anyone. Her In-laws refused to see the baby girl. She ignored all this . Her daughter ( Gudiya) was her world. 
                                    As an infant aged three Gudiya became seriously ill with just some chances to survive. At this crucial point of time in life of the child and her mother, the baby was accepted by her In-laws . Somehow gudiya survived and this because of her mother's blessings and prayers. After sometime little girl was admitted to school. Sarita was happy and used to drop her to school everyday and pick up too. The mother daughter build up a world of their own in the small room in which sarita was living alone from last so many years. With the coming of this angel in her life, Sarita started going out in religious ceremonies and devoted herself to Lord krishna. 
       She started going to Delhi every year with gudiya. The little girl was lucky to her and somewhat change in their life. Things were changing or may be her point of view or may be something else but whatever it was was good. Gudiya used to play with her mother. Sarita's mother in law and brother in law were still the same. They always did the partiality between gudiya and her cousin ( daughter of sarita's brother in law) . They used to give the money , chocolates , toys to her cousin and gudiya used to stand alone. But Sarita avoided all this . She tried to provide all the good things to her daughter. 
With the time little girl grew up with all the understanding and care for her mother and realized the things which were going in her mother's life may it be her grandmother's or father's behavior towards her mother. She had become her mother's only support which was never there earlier. Her mother too had the high hopes for the girl.  It was her mother's dream to see her as a working woman as she did not want the same ill happenings to be repeated for her lovely child. She always wanted best for her daughter. She did not had enough resources to give her everything but what ever she did, she gave her best. She used to teach her daughter. When gudiya was big enough to have thoughts of her own, a lots of things started running in her mind that why her mother was tolerating all this stuff from so many years?? 
                                             Gudiya decided that it should be stopped. So one day she told her family members that no one is allowed to talk in a ill manner or misbehave with her mother.Because she saw so many times the bad behavior of her grand mother and of other members with her mother.  And the behavior towards her mother did change after this .